kickoffice casa sm collage livingroom kitchen
kickoffice casa sm plan drawing process
kickoffice casa sm plan drawing process

casa sm

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  • residential
  • 2019
  • Milan
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The interior design project for this apartment is entirely based on a meticulous selection of finishes and furnishings that allowed us to customize uniquely the existing spaces. The bespoke kitchen, with the the precious gold Calacatta marble top and dark blue cabinets is the background of the living area; in the bathroom Carrara marble surfaces alternate with american walnut furnishings and precious hand-glazed terracotta tiles; in the masterbedroom dark teal painted walls and customized fabrics create an intimate space for relaxing.  A careful research and selection of fabrics, accessories, lamps and vintage furnishings did side by side with clients, has allowed us to enrich each space by transforming them into places with their own character.