Settembrini Rooms




Photo creditsGiulia Benedetta Costa

The theme of color, complemented by a careful selection of contemporary and vintage furnishings, is the basis of the project. The apartment, intended for short-term rentals, guarantees smart solutions for a quick and intelligent use of the spaces, while not abandoning the idea of ​​a domestic environment.

Settembrini Rooms Pianta
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Kickoffice settembrini rooms armadio di acciaio

On the top floor of an early XX century building, a bright apartment overlooking the internal courtyard has been redesigned to be rented for short periods. Enhancing hospitality and domesticity of the apartment while making it functional for temporary use has led to a project based on color and the careful selection of furnishings, together with designing smart solutions for a quick and intelligent use of spaces.

So while the long and dark corridor has been enhanced with a full-color solution, a wallpaper with chinoiserie illustrations completely wraps the entrance of the apartment hiding a closet, an optic striped awning acts as a backdrop to the kitchen and in one of the bedrooms a large brick-colored curtain allows to darken the room and at the same time conceals a large wardrobe.