Casa CB




Photo creditsGiulia Benedetta Costa

The project is the result of careful work of connecting rooms, reuse spaces, recovering existing furniture and finishes, insertion of new textures and materials.

Bright colors are used to characterize services and corridors, while a black painted wooden structure frames the passages and becomes the central element of the living area.

A fascinating building from the first half of the last century housed a fairly large apartment but with unusual proportion rooms. The project is based on a careful work of connecting rooms, reusing spaces, recovering existing furnishings and finishes while inserting new textures and materials. The large entrance becomes the appropriate space to host a small home library and the walls of the kitchen towards the corridor and living room dematerialize allowing new connections. Family life takes place around a wooden structure which frames the passages.

A vibrant brick color identifies the passage spaces where a pivot door protects the privacy of the bedrooms. In the living area, the recovered parquet is juxtaposed with gray terrazzo floors while in the sleeping area it dialogues with floral wallpapers and black terrazzo floors in the bathrooms. A rich selection of vintage and contemporary lamps and furnishings gives the spaces the warmth of an authentic and refined environment.