Casa DD




Photo creditsGiulia Benedetta Costa

Living room and kitchen blend into a spacious and bright space, while the new resin floors fit delicately into the rooms, respecting the color palette of the original cement tiles.

Casa DD
casa DD kickoffice cucina cementine quarzo noce cannettato
casa DD kickoffice corridoio arco verde carta parati

We are in an 80-square-meter apartment located in the heart of a charming 1930s building.

The renovation aimed to enhance the existing architecture without altering its identity: existing doors and plaster decorations add a timeless touch of elegance, while the new resin floors delicately integrate into the space, respecting the color palette of the original cement tiles.

The living room and kitchen, initially separate, have been combined to create a spacious and bright living area, marked only by a portal that frames the two spaces. In the kitchen, the columns are stepping back in order to highlight the working area. The black quartz countertop and walnut milled doors transform the kitchen into an authentic piece of furniture that seamlessly integrates with the elements of the living room.