Casa N2




Photo creditsGiulia Benedetta Costa

The intervention, in balance between memory and innovation, combines traditional elements, contemporary and iconic furnishings in a frame with bold colours. The two-tone terracotta and lichen green walls stand on a black terrazzo floor.

The apartment, in Porta Venezia district, is located inside an early twentieth century building, whose corner position has clearly influenced the layout. The project is based on the balance between memory and innovation, traditional finishes and industrial solutions.

The intervention has a strong chromatic connotation: throughout the apartment, industrial-looking furnishings and modern pieces stand out against a two-tone terracotta and lichen green background and against a new uniform black terrazzo floor.

In the living area, the blue velvet of the sofa, the bench with woven seat and various furnishings with a chromed metal structure coexist with disruptive elements with clean lines, such as the open metal shelf and the office suspensions converted into wall lamps. The kitchen, where the functional area in steel and terrazzo is contrasted by columns in canaletto walnut, is housed in a pentagonal room in the hinge position between the two streets. The dining table becomes the center of this system. In the bedroom the green of the walls also extends onto the surface of the ceiling to create a ‘reassuring’ box effect. In the center, the padded bed is placed against the wall with a headboard in Vienna straw.

The spaces preserve their twentieth-century charm thanks to the conservation of the plaster frames and the reuse of the existing double doors, enriched with new ribbed glass and ice white coloured enamel painting.