Villa N 4.1



LocationSanta Margherita Ligure

Wonderfully frescoed vaults and the direct view towards the Gulf of Tigullio are the two virtues of a large apartment inside a noble villa. The project starts from these two elements, enhancing them and inserting them into a new frame made of fine marble, beautifully crafted materials and the inclusion of a large volume that allows you to isolate yourself and appreciate the elegant decorations of the ceilings up close.

An ambitious project to transform the spaces is part of the prestigious context of a noble villa in Liguria. Of the interiors, of which all the original charm had been lost over time, only the wonderful frescoes present in all the rooms and the generous volumes of the spaces are preserved.

Massive interventions on the structures have made it possible to modify the accesses to the sleeping area but above all to double the surface area of the living area and make it possible to see the sea from the entrance to the apartment. A large forest green volume was inserted into the central room of the house and made it possible to create new services, a small laundry room and a meditation space.

The original floors, which have been lost, are replaced by large slabs of Bardiglio marble, present with different cuts and designs also in two of the apartment’s bathrooms. The master bedroom, already unique for the quality of the frescoes and the peculiarity of the view, is made even more special by the interior of its bathroom completely covered in Rosa Portugal marble. In the kitchen, the textures of marble, ribbed glass and black-stained ash contribute to the creation of a meticulously cared for and elegantly inserted corner between the living area and the small terrace.