Casa DF




Photo creditsAllegra Martin

Bespoke furnishings and mobile partitions allow the spaces to compress or expand as needed, guaranteeing a flexible layout capable of adapting according to needs.

A uniform anthracite gray surface hides wardrobes and accesses to the various rooms. A careful selection of surfaces with vibrant textures gives character to the spaces.

The old layout of an apartment dated 1950 was no longer compliant to the needs of contemporary living. Starting from moving the bedrooms to the more internal and silent area of the apartment, all the arrangement of the rooms has been rethought considering new needs. Bespoke furniture and mobile partitions are used to separate different spaces of the living area allowing to expand or compress the rooms as needed.

Closets, accesses to the bedrooms as well as those to the bathrooms and service rooms are concealed under an anthracite gray surface which uniforms the connection spaces. Each of the bathrooms has been designed to be unique with a selection of materials and surfaces, various in format, size and color.