Casa FF2




Photo creditsKevin Giaquinto

The project of this apartment is laid over a background which mixes architectural marks of the past and surfaces with bold colors and textures.

The spaces, renewed in layout to adapt to new needs, are made unique by the use of colours, wallpapers, contemporary and modern furnishings.

The context is an elegant 1940 building in which a bright apartment was looking for a new personality. The design strategy focused on giving each of the spaces a strong identity, based on the use of color and the careful selection of furnishings, lamps, contemporary and modern accessories.

The heart of the apartment is a large entrance in which some of the original structural elements have been preserved and highlighted, integrated with a continuous resin flooring which unifoms the connection spaces. In all the other rooms, oak flooring and the neutral color of the walls provide the backdrop to the bold colors of the furnishings and accessories.

The kitchen opens onto the living area, which overlooks a long loggia, characterized by the shiny surface of the floor-to-ceiling black tiles and the stainless steel furnishings. A hidden door leads to the service spaces behind the kitchen.

Both the bedrooms and the bathrooms have been meticulously designed and personalized with the use of floral-themed wallpapers, brightly colored coverings and floors and then completed with lamps, accessories and contemporary furnishings.