Casa FL




The large spaces of the apartment allowed the use of elements that tap into the language of an urban scale: therefore arched vaults, fornix, ‘furnished facades’ and polygonal volumes appear in this spacious apartment in the center of Milan.

The original features of the apartment have been combined with custom-made furnishings, colors and textures that draw on a lexicon of different eras.

Design icons, contemporary furnishings and tailor-made solutions coexist and give the apartment a timeless aesthetic.

Object of the intervention is an apartment located inside a prestigious late nineteenth-century building in one of the most elegant areas of Milan. Previously used as an office, the apartment had retained some of its original features such as doors, fireplace and plaster decorations.

A difficult-to-recover tile floor was replaced by solid oak parquet laid in an Italian herringbone pattern. The passages between the various rooms are marked by large natural brass thresholds.

The ‘reassuring’, light and satin textures of the main rooms are juxtaposed with elements that draw on a lexicon of different eras: the brick red polyester lacquered wall, the textile coverings of the wardrobes and bedrooms, the shiny colored ceramic bathroom fixtures.

Working on very large interiors, some spaces were designed as small architectures. Access to one of the bathrooms is marked by a barrel vaulted corridor where  a porthole is communicating with the shower area. The accesses to the bathroom and shower are linked by a double arch with a burnished brass window.

The master bedroom stands out from all the other rooms thanks to its geometry. A distinctive feature is the rectangular plan with rounded corners and a polygonal vaulted ceiling.

One of the two long sides of the corridor is a ‘fa├žade’ constructed from panels edged in natural brass and covered with upholstery. Each of these panels hides large storage spaces, service rooms, accesses to the most intimate rooms of the house.

The custom-made furnishings, handcrafted, have been carefully designed and thought to be unique.

A ribbed glass window divides the living room from the kitchen where furnishing is enriched by the combination of burnished brass and Gold Calacatta marble.

Contemporary furnishings and icons of Italian and international design complete the spaces, giving the apartment a timeless aesthetic.